Thursday, 15 March 2012

I've been busy writing posts for the Rollicking Tales Blog Tour, which kicks off later this month. I’ve written so many posts on the subject, that I’ve actually run out of opinions on it, not something I normally struggle with. So, for this post at least, I shall be ignoring Rollicking Tales.

The first ‘Tale of the Albion Club’ has not yet been published but already I might have some exciting news regarding the second, provisionally entitled ‘The Bog-Man of Bond Street’ more on that when I have confirmation.

I was perusing some Steampunk websites earlier today when I came across a submission call for a Cthulu/Steampunk crossover anthology. Now this is a project that excites me immensely. I’ve been wanting to write a Steampunk piece for a while but just haven’t been able to come up with the right angle. A steam powered foray into unknown realms might just be the ticket. I fear competition might be hard for this market though, as it seems to have piqued quite a few people’s imagination.

I have a confession to make, though. I’ve never actually read any Lovecraft. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but have never quite got round to it. I love the imagery attached and from what bits I’ve picked up it seems right up my street. Well, I’ll soon see, a selection of his stories is, even as we speak, winging its way to me courtesy of Amazon and as soon as I’ve posted this I’m going to have a look on

Expect a review in the near future.


  1. I've never read Lovecraft either, though I've played the board game Arkham Horror. It's always been on the list of things I know I should read, so I look forward to seeing how you like it.

  2. Steampunk/Cthulhu - now that sounds seriously interesting. Hope you enjoy the Lovecraft - off the top of my head, The Call of Cthulhu & The Dunwich Horror are good ones to start with for getting to know the Mythos.