Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

With the Rollicking Tales project having failed in 2012, 2013 is probably a good time to take stock of my writing and give some thought as to its development. It was at the end of 2011 that I really made a decision to give writing a go and the following year was a mixed bag. On the plus side I had two stories accepted for publication. On the other hand my major project ‘Walls of Tamorria’ spluttered and stalled its way through the twelve months, not having made the progress I would have expected or hoped and several ideas for stories dies for want of not actually being written.

With this in mind I’ve set my self the following goals for 2013.

1)      Update this blog more regularly, at least once a month. Preferably with witty and erudite posts, but lets be realistic.

2)      Write 12 stories. Never mind about if they are published or not, just get them written and submitted for peer review.

3)      Develop my settings. This goes hand in hand with goal no 2. I’ve got three settings starting to develop.
a)      Tamorria: a dieselpunk fantasy world.
b)     The world of the Albion club, the Victorian action/adventure/murder/mystery setting for the two short stories I have had accepted.
c)      A Steampunk world, the setting fro my current short story project.
Hopefully I can write two short stories for each of these. I also have a couple of plans for stories in pre-existing settings. That’s eight of my twelve short stories sorted, now all I’ve got to do is not have any more ideas until August.

4)      Write The Walls of Tamorria, in first draft at least. I reckon 12k words a month should see me through. This will be the hardest of the goals but if I can mange it I will start 2014 with a manuscript that needs polishing and some short stories all ready to my name, not a bad place to be in.

I’m confident I can manage 1-3. 4? Well, we’ll see. Check in in twelve months time and I’ll let you know.

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