Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Bog-Man of Bond Street. Available now in The Obverse Book of Detectives

The Bog-Man of Bond Street is the first in a planned series of short stories following the adventures of The Albion Club as they battle the insidious foes of the British Empire.

Set in the high-Victorian era the story is obviously inspired by tales of adventure and mystery that appeared during this time in publications such as the Strand Magazine. The Bog-Man of Bond Street doesn’t aim to portray a gritty and realistic 1890s London, in fact it isn’t really set in our London at all. Rather the action takes place in the London of Sax Rohmer and Conan Doyle, a literary creation that is just too vibrant and exciting to let die, even now in the 21st century.

The Albion Club is a society of gentlemen, sworn to protect the denizens of the British Empire. When a queer little case involving an Irish bog-man rears its head, Lancelot Jones is none to keen to investigate. Surely this is a trivial matter, of little real importance? But for Sir Montgomery Falstaff there is more buried in the bog than a simple body…

Paperback £9.99

Ebook £3.99

Available now from the Obverse Books website.

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